Zanbato's Equal Weighted Index, which tracks the secondary market performance of ZX's most actively traded companies, shows that the private market has seen some ups and downs recently. As of mid-March, the index was down more than 60%, indicating a significant decline in overall private market performance.

However, the Index also revealed some interesting trends among various sectors. The FinTech and Crypto sector took the hardest hit, with a drop of more than 70%. This decline could be due to the recent volatility in the cryptocurrency market, which has been a major driver of the FinTech sector's growth.

On the other hand, the Cyber and AI/ML sector performed relatively better, with a decline in line with the broader market. This may suggest that these sectors are more resilient to market fluctuations, as they continue to grow and innovate despite the challenging economic conditions.

Interestingly, the Aerospace/Defense sector was one of the few sectors that saw growth, with an increase of more than 20%. This sector includes companies like SpaceX and Anduril, which have seen a surge in demand due to increased government spending on space exploration and defense technology.

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